The number of parts that go into creating the reliability and performance you love in your Mercedes is numerous, and there is no shortage of potential problems that may occur. With that in mind, there are some problems that are so deep under the hood that they can be extremely difficult to spot. For example, issues with the insulation on the wiring harness in your Mercedes should be fixed right away so as to prevent additional issues from developing. However, few people are aware of what the wiring harness even does, let alone that signs that a problem has developed with it.

What is a wiring harness?

Electricity needs to make its way through your vehicle somehow, so the wiring harness of your vehicle helps accomplish this. These organized sets of wires and connectors run through the entirety of your Mercedes. As power runs through their system, it also checks and relays information about the electrical power.

Essentially, the wiring harness in your Mercedes acts as the nervous system of your car, transmitting key signals throughout the entire vehicle that help support the various functions performed.

Cars have become more advanced in recent years, and the need for electricity to power different parts under the hood has increased exponentially. For that reason, the wiring harness in your Mercedes must be as technologically advanced as possible.

The insulation of the wiring harness under the hood ensures that the electricity coursing through this system does not burn the wires or the surrounding parts. This helps to prevent electrical fires and also prevents components from shorting out if there is a surge of electricity. Metal is a good conductor, so these insulators also stop a current from traveling to areas under the hood which could pose a problem.

If there is damage to the insulation of the wiring harness, it can be dangerous to the passengers of the vehicle and all the components in your vehicle. Replacing this insulation should be done as soon as damage is detected to ensure your vehicle is in proper working order.

Common Causes of Insulation Damage

There is no shortage of issues that can damage the insulation of the wiring harness. Spotting these causes can be extremely difficult.

First and foremost, attempt to identify if there is damage to the insulation by taking note of any abnormalities that appear with the electrical components of your vehicle. If things seem to be shorting out, it’s possible there is a problem with insulated wire.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for the smell of smoke, as this is an early indicator of the electrical currents burning parts under the hood. Here are some common causes for damage to the insulation in the wiring harness:

Electrical Surge

If your Mercedes puts out a strong enough jolt, it is more than possible that some insulation could be fried by this power. Should you notice large feedback of electricity at any time, turn your vehicle off and, after waiting for some time, inspect the wiring under the hood and look for visible issues.

Natural Deterioration

Over time, parts naturally deteriorate. Insulation wiring is no exception. If you own an older Mercedes and are having electrical issues, it’s possible that the insulation on your wiring harness has become damaged over time.

Excessive Heat and Moisture

Leaks under the hood are cause for issues with the insulation on your wiring harness. If these cords get wet on the outside, they can begin to deteriorate at an accelerated rate, which leads to damages.

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