When an engine sputters, it indicates severe problems. The engine of a Sprinter van is made up of a large pump that draws in the air, where it is assessed by the mass airflow sensor. This air is then carefully guided into the shaft/cylinder where fuel is meant to be put in and compressed. When it has been compressed, the combination is then kindled by the spark plugs and ejected through the outlet, where it is then finally brushed by the catalytic converter before it is sent through the exhaust pipe.

Reasons for Sputtering the Sprinter Van

The following are the major reasons why the engine of a Sprinter van sputters. Let’s look at each of them briefly:

  • Inadequate kindling system: The work of the ignition system cannot be overlooked. Its work cannot be compared to that of just a spark plug. It depends on information from the crank and cam detectors and it is used to time the spark accurately. It is feasible for the spark plugs to lose their efficiency. It is different from a modern automobile, as it will take up to 100,000 miles without the plugs showing great damage.
  • A faulty fuel system: Another cause of sputtering is the fuel system. It is important to note that the fuel system begins with the fuel pump from the Sprinter, which is situated in the vapor tank. It operates by delivering fuel through the fuel lines and screening it to its fuel injectors. It is crucial that the fuel pressure sufficiently atomizes the injectors. When this does not happen, the result will make the engine sputter and it will be deficient in fuel.
  • Catalytic converter issues: When your catalytic converter is faulty, it will lead to a sputtering engine. This helps to eliminate pollutants in your exhaust that are dangerous to people and the environment. The two most noticeable signs that indicate a bad catalytic converter are that the engine will begin to sputter and you will perceive an unpleasant rotten egg smell.
  • A mass airflow sensor problem: This sensor is very important to your Sprinter, and it can certainly perform without it. The mass airflow sensor can also get dirty, just like the air filter that preserves it. When this happens, it can’t read the air reaching the engine appropriately, and this will definitely lead to a sputtering engine.

Symptoms of Engine Sputtering and How to Fix the Problem

When the ignition system is malfunctioning, it is possible for the sensor to send out a trouble code that suggests that there is an issue with the ignition system. This code is known as Random Multiple Misfire, which is P0300 or P030X, where X depicts the actual cylinder that is failing.

If you have justification to believe that the ignition system is malfunctioning, take a reasonable look at the ignition plugs first. This will enable us to know what exactly is wrong with the engine. Most automobiles possess a port to manually examine the fuel pressure. You will have to research your manufacturer’s handbook to discover where it is for your unique model year. They usually aren’t difficult to access or discover.

A faulty catalytic converter will reveal itself. This occurs most when power is needed. When your Sprinter van engine is not ignited, there will be no need for it to sputter. The more it moves up, the more exhaust will be created. This will definitely lead to an increase in backpressure, causing the engine to choke.

A clogged catalytic converter will have to be restored. You may be able to perceive an unpleasant smell emanating from a faulty catalytic converter. If you suspect this is the problem, give us a call.

The mass airflow sensor is very easy to detect. It lies between the inlet manifold and the air filters. When the need arises to clean it, ensure you have a device called the mass airflow sensor cleaner, otherwise you could damage it.

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* White Mercedes-Benz Sprinter image credit goes to: Aliaksandr Litviniuk.

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