As an investment, it is natural to want to ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Mercedes-Benz models are sophisticated, high-performing cars that last long as long as adequate care is provided.

Rusting can occur for various reasons, much of which can easily be prevented with minimal effort. However, car parts are susceptible to becoming rusted over time. We know the ins and outs of rust and its detrimental effects on vehicles, so read on to see how rust can impact your car and how it may start to occur.

How Rusting Can Affect Your Car Beyond Its Appearance

Rust is not aesthetically pleasing when it is eating into your car’s paint job, but rust also negatively impacts the functionality of many aspects of your car. These issues primarily come in two forms: external and internal.

The frame of the car is most susceptible to developing rust. Rust will eat away at the metal and cause it to develop exposed holes. These holes can allow oil, air, and fuel to leak out of your car’s system, leading to extreme temperatures inside your engine compartment and a proper lack of air and fuel during the combustion process. This can shut down your engine quickly.

Beyond the frame, internal issues tend to have an even more negative impact on your ability to drive safely. For instance, rust can wreak havoc on your engine, leading to various problems like a weakened exhaust system, issues with acceleration, hose leaks, and more.

Additionally, rust can eat away at the electronic systems in your car, causing anything from system controls to safety alerts to be compromised. Internal issues are usually hard to detect. Fortunately, The Benz Shop can help you both determine if there is an issue and assist you in repairing it if needed.

Some of the Most Common Reasons Why Rusting Occurs

Below are a few of the more common reasons why rust may develop on your Mercedes-Benz:

  • When your car is exposed to a variety of chemicals, such as salt: There are several materials your vehicle may encounter while driving on the road, such as salt-based chemicals used in the winter and colder temperatures to melt ice. While road salt is rarely used in our hometown of Arizona, cities worldwide frequently salt their roads. If you live in an area that does seasonal salting, you may want to consider taking your car to a car wash at least a few times during the season.
  • Rain, snow, bird droppings, and other forms of moisture can lead to rusting: Cars have a protective coating that helps to reduce the impact that liquids have on rusting. Despite this protection, frequent exposure to water will start to wear through this coating and lead to your vehicle rusting. Keep your car away from excessive moisture, and do not drive it through flooded streets. If the undercarriage goes under water, this can start a downward spiral of rust, deterioration, and costly problems for you in the future.
  • General vehicle negligence, such as not getting your car repaired, may lead to rust issues: Not correcting issues with your vehicle when you see visible problems can be a factor in rust forming. If your car has chipped paint or an exposed area where moisture can enter, rust is susceptible to form in these areas. Bring your vehicle to The Benz Shop so we can patch up these areas and also prevent rust from even forming if we catch it right away.

The Benz Shop

At The Benz Shop, we are passionate about the Mercedes-Benz line of vehicles. Because we focus on this one brand only, we are experts Mercedes External Rust Cleaning on everything related to Mercedes-Benz vehicles and how to repair rusting issues, along with any other problem of the brand.

Our service technicians are all graduates of the Universal Technical Institute and have extensive formal training and experience for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our techs can help by cleaning and removing rust from your car, in addition to re-painting and buffing the affected area.

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