Your engine is an important part of your vehicle. When it is working well, you can drive around without any hiccups. When the engine dies though, there are a few common issues that could be to blamed for the issue. Our team is here to help get your engine back to good working order, no matter what problem caused it to stop in the first place. We’ve put together a list of the most common problems that will prevent your Mercedes Engine from starting.

A Bad Ignition Switch

This is not a common reason for your engine not working, but there are a few situations where your mechanic may see this as the main problem. The ignition switch will wear out over time, and it can cause a number of issues such as trouble turning the key, dash lights that flicker when you turn the key, or the car does not have any reaction at all. When these happen, the engine is not able to give enough power to start the Mercedes.

Failed Starter

A faulty starter can cause the engine not to work. When the starter fails, it can produce a loud single click or a series of clicks when the key is turned in the ignition. This sound tells you that the starter is trying to work, but it can’t engage with the flywheel, which will spin the motor. If you try to turn on the car and hear those clicks, this is a sign that the engine is not working because the starter has failed in your Mercedes.

Faulty Alternator

Sometimes the problem with your engine not working is from a faulty alternator. The alternator is simply a belt driven device. Its job is to create the little spark in the engine that gets things going when you turn the key in the ignition. The alternator will also charge the battery of the vehicle as you drive the car. This gives it a big job when it comes to helping the engine work and turn on.

When the alternator fails, the battery will not recharge and all the power will drain out. This may happen slowly as the lights and other accessories slowly drain the power. After driving around a few times without a strong alternator, the battery will die out and the car will not start. Talk to a trusted mechanic to see whether the alternator is the reason why your engine will not start.

Fuel System Issue

When the fuel system stops working, it has the potential to cause a variety of issues. This may include a rough idle in the Mercedes, power depreciation as you drive, and sometimes the car will not start if the problem is ignored.

There are several fuel system issues that can impact how much power the engine in the Mercedes receives. These issues may include a fuel filter that is clogged and is not able to let gas reach the engine. It may also include fuel injectors that are dirty and a failed fuel pump.

Dead Car Battery

One of the main reasons why your engine is not starting in your Mercedes is a dead car battery. The battery is an important part of your Mercedes working well. Mercedes New Alternator Installation It is responsible for providing the electricity necessary to turn the car on. The battery can wear out from being used or if the accessories and lights are left on for too long.

The first thing that a qualified mechanic will check when your engine stops working is the battery. This is often the reason for your car not starting and is pretty easy to fix. You may be able to jump the battery to get it started again, but do not wait long to get it replaced. Head to a qualified mechanic to get a new battery.

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