All models of Mercedes vehicles have been uniquely designed to stand out from the crowd. This is why you should do everything you can to ensure your Mercedes functions properly at all times.

One system of parts that should be monitored is the differential. The differential is responsible for stabilizing your vehicle and providing consistency while you drive. If this system begins to fail, damage can occur in other parts of the vehicle as well.

Knowing the purpose of the differential and what signs to look for when it is failing will help you take immediate action towards repair.

The Differential in your Mercedes

The differential in your Mercedes is the main component that provides communication between the power generated by the engine and the wheels. The differential directs engine power to the wheels so they rotate.

More specifically, the differential directs the power in a way that allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, but at the same time. For example, this is what the differential is doing when you take turns or go around a corner. During these actions, all four wheels are rotating at the same time, but not at the same speed. The way they are able to do this is through the differential.

The differential system is made up of several important parts. These parts include axle shafts, a flange, pinion gears, and ring and side gears. Each of these parts works together to supply the necessary power to the wheels. They are also susceptible to wear and tear as your Mercedes ages, which is why you should know the signs of differential failure to help prevent damage.

Signs of a Failing Differential

One sign to look for that indicates a differential failure in your Mercedes is tire damages. As stated before, the differential is in charge of diverting the necessary power to each of the wheels. When performing a turn, the wheels rotate at different speeds.

When there is an issue with the differential, the speed of the tires is not accurate. Thus, one tire could be forced to rotate at speeds more forcefully than necessary. This will lead to damage of the tires. It can also lead to uneven tire tread wear and tear. So if you are noticing one tire is more worn down than the others, the issue could have something to do with the differential.

Another sign that generally points to differential failure is difficulty steering. With a failed differential, there is no way for your Mercedes to control the amount of power the wheels are receiving. As you attempt to drive, your Mercedes will be less responsive than normal. The wheels could rotate too quickly or they could rotate too slowly. Both of these options lead to steering issues.

Unresponsive wheels quickly lead to an unresponsive vehicle. Thus, you will have issues steering and controlling your Mercedes. This leads to a dangerous situation for you and for drivers around you.

One last sign that will alert you to a failing differential is whining sounds. Just like all the other parts in your Mercedes, lubrication is required to ensure the differential is able to function properly. When the oil is low, the parts of the differential begin to grind unnaturally together, thus creating a whining sound. This sound becomes more pronounced as you accelerate. This is because the differential has to work harder to keep up with the increase in tire rotation you are requesting as you are stepping on the gas pedal.

Repairing the Differential at The Benz Shop

The best way to deal with differential failure in your Mercedes is by bringing it into your trusted technician at The Benz Shop once you recognize any of Mercedes Differential Repair the signs mentioned above. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, AZ.

We specialize in all things Mercedes Benz so you can rest assured in the fact that all of our technicians have had extensive training on these vehicle models. We always provide quality service to every Mercedes that is brought to our shop.

We use the latest technologies and diagnostic tools to quickly identify the differential issue and use quality parts to ensure the failure is effectively repaired. Once your differential is repaired, you will be happy you brought your Mercedes into us and will feel confident to return for routine maintenance and care. Contact us today!

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