The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) system provides supplemental brake fluid pressure to ensure you are able to stop your Mercedes in an emergency situation. This fluid is necessary to operate the ABS system. So, whenever there is a malfunction with the ABS brakes, the ABS warning light will illuminate on your dashboard. This will warn you it is in need of expert service.

Your brake system is in place to slow your car when you intend to decelerate, but there are times when you need to apply the brakes in an emergency. Sometimes this is to avoid a car that has abruptly stopped in front of you, or other times, a small animal will have darted into the road. This is where the ABS system kicks in. It adds another braking action to your Mercedes to keep you in control and stop the car from hydroplaning on a wet surface by pumping the brakes for you.

The Mechanics of the ABS System

The ABS is made up of different components, which includes the modules and sensors on each wheel. The sensors help to rapidly pump the brakes whenever you’ve lost grip or traction on the road. The ABS system has a control module. This is a microprocessor that checks on a vehicle’s anti-lock braking system and processes information instantly to determine when to release the braking pressure if it is about to lock up.

In the entire anti-lock system, the ABS control module acts as the brain. Through the ABS modulator, information is processed from the ABS sensor to control the fluid pressure of the brake, in order to keep you safe and stop your Mercedes quickly and safely.

Reasons Why an ABS Module Fails

  • Contaminated brake fluid is one of the major causes of ABS modulator failure. The most common contaminant is moisture.
  • Exposure to harsh elements can cause clogging from brake dust or dirt, which leads to failure in ABS. This is why routine maintenance is helpful.
  • Low hydraulic fluid can be a danger. Brake fluid is moved with the help of a cylinder to make your brakes function properly. The ABS light can illuminate if there is a low level of fluid.

Warning Signs of a Faulty ABS Module

The wheel speed sensors help the ABS work to limit tire slip to detect the speed of each tire. The ABS module ensures that you drive safely and securely on the road. Traction control is designed to detect the speed of each wheel. If one wheel starts to spin irregularly, it will reduce power from your engine until there is stable traction. Both your traction control and ABS share a control module. If one of these is having issues, the other will be negatively affected.

Below are the most common warning signs of a ABS module failure:

  • The ABS warning light: The warning light is an indicator that your Mercedes needs servicing for the brake system. The ABS prevents the wheels from locking up when a driver hits the brake in an emergency situation or on a slippery or wet surface. The warning light is there to alert you to potential problems with the ABS.
  • The wheel speed sensor is broken: When the wheel speed sensor is broken, it will affect the ABS. If there is a broken wire, it disables the entire ABS, which leads to a loss of stability and traction control. The control module will illuminate the indicator on the dashboard if there is a problem with the speed sensor. In some Mercedes cars, the sensor is an integral part of the hub, and it must be replaced by a professional.
  • The brake pedal is not responding: This is the most dangerous warning indication that your brake system as a whole is in need of service. When you push on your brake pedal, you should have an immediate response. If your brake pedal feels mushy, or you feel your brake pedal reaches the floorboard in order to slow or stop, safely pull over and call for a tow. It is no longer safe to drive your Mercedes.

The Benz Shop: We Will Repair Your ABS Module

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