When it comes to keeping your car reliable and working properly, especially in a Mercedes, there are a number of parts to repair when problems occur. These parts work together to keep your vehicle operating smoothly, and problems with even a single part can compound into additional problems.

One such example of a problem is an oil leak in the electronic transmission. Oil plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of your vehicle, and a lack of oil can have detrimental effects on your vehicle as a whole. To that end, it’s important to understand the function of oil in your Mercedes in order to understand why it needs to be fixed when there is a leak.

The Importance of Oil in your Mercedes

Oil is, without a doubt, one of the most important fluids within your car. The purpose of oil, which most people understand, is to serve as a lubricant for your engine. With the amount of machinery operating under the hood, it can be easy to forget that metal grinding against metal is not healthy for your vehicle as a whole.

With that in mind, oil circulates in your engine so that the pieces under the hood can work as they should without grinding against one another.

Oil also serves another purpose that is not as well known. This purpose is to clean the engine periodically. As you may have guessed, dust and particles can accumulate over time within your engine.

As oil runs through your engine, it picks up these tiny particles and transfers them out of the engine. This helps to keep your engine safe as a whole and free of grime that could prove harmful to your engine in the long run. Without oil running through your car, metal may grind against metal and shavings could get into your engine.

There are multiple reasons metal shavings in your engine are bad, but one of the biggest reasons is because your engine may have difficulties operating if it cannot work around all of the particles trapped within. For that reason, if you have an oil leak in your electronic transmission, which controls gear shifting, you should get it looked at right away.

Signs of an Oil Leak

There are a number of signs to keep an eye out for that may indicate you have an oil leak, but any of those signs are reason enough to take your car in right away. Keep an eye out for these common signs below, as oil getting all over your electronic transmission may lead to costly problems that could have been avoided.

Dark Puddles Around Your Car

Most people have seen an oil leak at some point in their life. Dark puddles under your car is a huge indicator that there is a leak somewhere. Check under the hood of your car periodically to see if your notice any of these puddles.

Problems Shifting Gears

Assuming oil has been leaking into your electronic transmission for some time, you may begin to notice that you have problems shifting gears as it begins to short out. This is a serious problem, so you should stop driving immediately upon noticing this issue. Never drive with a transmission that is not working. Have your Mercedes towed to a trusted shop for inspection and repairs.

Smoke From the Engine

If your oil is not doing its job and the engine components are rubbing against one another, they may begin to overheat. This could result in smoke rising from the engine bay. As with issues shifting gears, try not to drive too long after noticing this issue. Take your vehicle into the shop that day.

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