When it comes to cars, there is almost nothing better than a Mercedes for class and style. This brand of vehicles is also known for its performance and reliability. So, when your Mercedes begins to struggle in these areas, it can be a cause for concern.

Whenever your Mercedes begins to show signs of trouble, it can feel like it is almost impossible to find and solve the issue. Not to worry though, a certified Mercedes technician should have no trouble solving any trouble your vehicle might be facing.

One potential issue that a Mercedes might face is an electrical failure in the engine throttle valve. This kind of failure could spell trouble for your engine and your vehicle’s performance. Hence, it’s essential to deliver the vehicle to a qualified technician if you begin to notice any symptoms.

You might not have heard of the throttle valve until you started looking into what was wrong with yours. The throttle body mechanism is one of the most essential systems within your vehicle. When you press your foot on the gas pedal, that pressure is communicated to the throttle body. The throttle body then determines how much air and fuel to inject into your engine via the throttle valve.

The information about how much pressure your foot is putting on the pedal is relayed electronically. If the throttle sensor within your pedal is dirty or corroded, that electronic signal may be weaker or inconsistent. An inaccurate signal will cause the fuel injector to inject less fuel, resulting in a sluggish or unresponsive vehicle.

Frayed wires are another possible cause of throttle body issues. Small animals such as squirrels and mice often seek shelter and warmth inside a vehicle’s chassis. If such a critter chooses your car for a short stay, they may chew on the wiring within. Damaged wiring is a common cause of throttle valve malfunctions and other electrical shorts.

Symptoms of a Throttle Valve Electrical Failure

If you aren’t quite sure what the problem is with your vehicle, here are some common symptoms of electrical failure in Mercedes.

One of the most noticeable signs of an electrical failure affecting your throttle valve is a sudden or unpredictable decrease in speed. If you feel your vehicle decelerating without changing the pressure of the gas pedal, the throttle valve may be at fault. If you find that you have to press harder on the pedal to achieve the same speeds, have your vehicle looked at by a professional. Any issue affecting the speed of your vehicle poses a serious risk to you and others on the road.

Another symptom of electrical trouble is a change in your car’s revolutions per minute or RPM while idling. A high idle RPM or low idle RPM is often a sign of electrical trouble under the hood. Your car may also shake or stutter during idle.

Vehicles that experience fluctuations of RPM are also prone to stalling. You may find that your vehicle stalls out when starting up or at stoplights.

If an electrical failure is left untreated, your engine may eventually stop running altogether. If you are unable to start your car and have been experiencing poor acceleration or issues maintaining your speed, don’t panic. In many cases, all that is needed is a simple replacement of a wire that has failed. Ideally, you should bring your vehicle in to be serviced at the first sign of trouble to avoid a catastrophic failure like this.

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