Mercedes Sprinter is a powerful vehicle, it is used as a work and construction van and therefore is usually exposed to damaging elements. A problem with the exhaust flex pipe can lead to very serious issues with your vehicle. There are ways to prevent the issue in the first place and also to prevent further damage when the issue arises.

The exhaust flex pipes are especially susceptible to damage because they run through nearly the entire base of the vehicle. To protect you and your vehicle, there are some tips you need to know about your exhaust flex pipe. This will save you money, time, and energy.

Causes of Flex Pipe Leakage

The exhaust flex pipe may not seem so important, but it is a very crucial part of the exhaust system, having a large contribution to the vehicle performance. Though it is made of a strong and malleable steel alloy, which acts as tubing to connect the engine and exhaust system, it is susceptible to damages as a result of:

  • Time: If your Mercedes Sprinter has seen enough mileage, the overall absorption of the vibrations by the exhaust flex pipe will cause it to have cracks, which can cause leaks.
  • Drooping exhaust: When your exhaust system droops down, the contact with the ground will cause serious wear to the whole of the exhaust system, causing a leakage in the flex pipe.
  • Catalytic converter issues: This is a common problem in sprinter vans and can cause a problem with the exhaust flex pipe.
  • Rust: As the exhaust flex pipe is exposed to the elements, rust can easily form on it leading to deterioration and then leakage.
  • Accident: Speeding over a speed bump or a collision with another vehicle can lead to damage to your exhaust flex pipe and thus, leakage.

Signs of Flex Pipe Leakage

There may be damages to your exhaust flex pipe causing it to leak for a long time without you noticing. This is because at the initial stage, it can give a very subtle sign or you might not recognize the sign. Check out these tips to know when your exhaust flex pipe is leaking:

  • Bad smells: When you can smell fuel as your car is running, it might be an indication of exhaust flex pipe leakage.
  • Loud noises: An increased noise from your exhaust will usually be a result of the exhaust flex pipe leakage and this excessive noise increases when the car is revved.
  • Drop-in power and efficiency: When there is an exhaust fuel pipe leakage, there will be a drop in engine performance which can show as a problem with acceleration or increase in fuel consumption this is due to the loss of backpressure from the leak.
  • Drooping exhaust pipe: It can’t be more clear that you have a damaged exhaust or exhaust flex pipe when the exhaust is hanging from your vehicle.

The flex pipe also helps in the absorbance of vibration from the vehicle while in motion. While also dampening the shaking of the exhaust system, it helps the other parts last longer without any structural damage so frequent observations should be made to the exhaust system to prevent it from getting worse or bad at all.


  • Regular inspections: A regular inspection of your exhaust system is ideal. As your Sprinter is exposed to several damaging terrains, it wouldn’t hurt to visually inspect it each week along with routine professional inspections.
  • Assess the damage: Whenever you discover leakage in the exhaust flex pipe, make a comprehensive assessment of the damage to help you know what the solution may be. Like the professional inspection, this assessment should also be done by our reliable mechanics.
  • Contact your repairer: Many people want to try to fix their Sprinter themselves, but this isn’t the best option, as it can lead to more damages and expenses. Calling on our reliable Mercedes Sprinter mechanics is the best option.

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