Summer has come to an end, and winter is just around the corner, and judging by the current harsh weather conditions, it may well be a colder winter. As a Mercedes Sprinter driver, what can you do to prepare your vehicle, and how will the freezing conditions affect your Mercedes? How should you handle the extreme cold-weather maintenance of your Mercedes?

How to Maintain Your Mercedes Sprinter in Cold Weather

The following is the best strategy to maintain your vehicle in cold weather.

Examine your battery

As a Mercedes Sprinter driver, the first thing you want to do while preparing for a cold spell is to check your car battery. Batteries are easily damaged or affected by extreme cold. To keep your Mercedes battery from dying out, make sure it is clean & corrosion free, and also check if all the electrical connections are in good shape.

While we cannot promise that your Sprinter will start every single time you get into it throughout the winter, battery maintenance and checks will undoubtedly increase the likelihood of your car starting.

You may also prepare for the worst case by obtaining jumper cables in case your Mercedes battery has completely died, though of course you will also need to learn how to use them.

Use oil with a low viscosity

By replacing your usual engine oil with something with lower viscosity, you can keep the oil from thickening due to cold temperatures. If the weather becomes very cold, your Mercedes engine will struggle to circulate the thick oil, so having a low-viscosity oil is an excellent approach to avoid that.

Add more antifreeze

It’s that time of year when antifreeze shines brightly; therefore, forgetting to top up your antifreeze would be a huge disaster! Remember, simply topping it with water increases the likelihood of freezing. Ideally, your coolant should have 50% antifreeze and 50% water, but be sure to read the instructions for your specific brand.

Don’t let your gas tank run out

Keep your gasoline tank at least half full to avoid ice formation in the fuel line. It will also assist your vehicle in dealing with the inevitable traffic jams caused by adverse driving conditions. In the event of an emergency, such as being caught in traffic, it’s critical to have access to extra gasoline.

You should also always have a breakdown toolkit in your boot in case your Mercedes succumbs to the cold conditions while you’re on the move.

Check that your car’s interior heating system is operational

During summer, the air conditioner is the most important thing for every driver; likewise, during winter, you want to ensure that your heating system is fully functional. This is critical for your well-being and comfort, so you have to inspect your blowers and heaters on a regular basis throughout the winter. They are essential in defrosting the windscreen, protecting you from potentially dangerous situations.

Excessive use of the heating system can as well drain your already depleted battery – thus, you have to take caution.

Keep an eye on your tires

When exposed to intense cold, the air in your tires will compress, resulting in lower pressure. Continue to monitor this to ensure that you are staying within the suggested ranges. You may also want to purchase Mercedes winter tires with greater grip or even install snow chains to lessen the danger of sliding, skidding, or being trapped.

Maintain high visibility

Windshields may quickly freeze, and wipers are a headache when it comes to distributing salt and grit. Keep your washer fluid filled up all the time (adding a little antifreeze to melt the ice), and ensure your wipers are in good working order. If your mirrors or windscreen does not offer the best visibility, don’t drive.

Request a Mercedes-Sprinter Winter Maintenance At The Benz Shop

The cold will worsen several mechanical difficulties Mercedes Sprinter Tire Maintenance with your car, including concerns with visibility, fluid levels and tyre pressure. Having them checked out by a professional before the temperatures drop might be the ideal approach to guarantee your Mercedes operates smoothly all winter.

It is also a good idea to have your technician inspect your Mercedes serpentine belt, which can grow brittle in the cold. An older belt is more likely to break, so if yours appears worn, you should consider replacing it.

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