When buying a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, you will save money when compared to a new one, but it can also increase the risk of purchasing a car that has troubles. If you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from an independent owner, there are no guarantees of its performance, maintenance, or its overall condition. This is why you should be well informed before purchasing it and know what to look for to ensure you purchase a quality pre-owned Mercedes.

Check the Vehicle’s History

A car history check using its VIN number will allow you to determine if there are any dangers you should be aware of, protecting you from being misled and spending a lot of money on a car that’s been involved in a flood, accidents, or perhaps is illegally owned. You will need the vehicle’s VIN to get a complete report. It is rather simple to conduct a comprehensive automobile search on the internet that will give you these details:

  • History of upkeep
  • Ownership history and number of owners
  • Mileage
  • History of mishaps
  • Listings from previous sales
  • Reported thefts
  • History of flooding and recovery
  • If the frame has been damaged
  • If the vehicle was purchased from a manufacturer or another owner

Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection from a Trusted Mechanic

While the car may appear to be in excellent condition at first glance and your initial test drive was enjoyable, hidden problems may be difficult to detect. As long as the vehicle is pre-owned, a pre-purchase inspection is important, regardless of the type of Mercedes you are purchasing.

You don’t want to spend money on a car that requires extensive repairs or has difficulties that will cost you time and money. Hence, an inspection by a professional technician of the vehicle’s performance and structural integrity will go a long way. This should be a top priority for you. It will be cost-effective compared to the huge cost the Mercedes might consume in the long run based on repairs.

It is strongly recommended that you bring the car to our certified Mercedes specialists, rather than entrusting this duty to the seller. You can decide whether to proceed with the purchase, bargain for a lower price, or look for another option based on the information provided by our mechanic. Remember that if the seller refuses to allow you to bring the car to a mechanic, they most likely have something to hide, and you should look for another car.

Check for Problem Codes

You can run a full system scan on the Mercedes you are interested in purchasing from an independent seller. Use a scanner like the iCarsoft MB II or the Launch Creader VIII. Ask the seller if you may use this to test the car’s systems by plugging it into the OBD II port. You can use the scanner to check all of the car’s control units for any issues or malfunctions that you would not notice yourself. The iCarsoft can read all fault codes. However, only the primary systems like gearbox, engine, ABS, airbag, and ETS can be read by the Launch Creader.

Look for Reviews, Forums, and Referrals

When you first start looking for a used Mercedes, you will be presented with several possibilities from which to choose. It is critical to visit forums, read reviews, look for recommendations, and ask questions to make an informed decision. Doing all of these things will enable you to learn more about what current Mercedes owners have to say about their automobiles, which will point you in the right direction for what model and year you’re most interested in, and what problems can crop up with that model. Use web resources, examine your possibilities with caution, and pick a model that meets your specific needs and desires!

We Perform Pre-Purchase Inspections

When buying a pre-owned Mercedes, you’ll Used Mercedes Car Pre-Purchase Inspectionneed expert technicians to assist you with a thorough inspection, necessary servicing, and any other tasks that need to be completed. The Benz Shop is the ideal location for all of these!

We utilize the most current, state-of-the-art equipment available for examining your potential Mercedes model. Since we specialize in only Mercedes brand vehicles, we are your #1 choice for inspecting your potential purchase.

The Benz Shop is the finest garage for Mercedes owners if you live in Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ, or the surrounding areas. Call us today with any questions you have or if you’d like to set up an appointment.

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