The Benz Shop Helps Keep Glendale Area Mercedes Drivers Cool

Nobody likes to spend time driving in a hot car. Whether you drive a Mercedes auto or a Mercedes Sprinter van, you expect excellence from your vehicle, and a broken air conditioning system can really keep you from feeling comfortable. Because the standards for Mercedes Benz vehicles are so high, the standard for the technicians that work on them should be just as high. The Benz Shop is the premier auto shop for A/C repairs for drivers throughout the Glendale area.

Honest and reliable work at a reasonable cost compared to the dealerships.

Why We Focus On Mercedes A/C Systems

Your car can run without an A/C system, but frankly, most of us wouldn’t want to drive without one. Understanding the air conditioning in your vehicle is crucial to providing an accurate repair, and by specializing solely on the maintenance and servicing of Mercedes, we are able to get it done right every time.

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Because the performance of your Mercedes’ A/C is so critical to your driving experience, we make sure that all of our technicians are able to deliver world-class results each time they repair a vehicle. If hot air is blowing out of the cooling system, one of our mechanics will be able to solve the problem. You know your car or Sprinter is in good hands because our mechanics are:

  • Mercedes factory trained
  • UTI Auto School trained
  • LMV trained
Mercedes A/C System Maintenance

When to Get your A/C Repaired

When it comes to air conditioning repair, it’s better to get the problem fixed early so that repairs do not have to be as intensive. Here are the most common signs that something is wrong with your Mercedes’ A/C system:

  • The vents are blowing hot or warm air even though the system is set to cool
  • Loud noises when turning the A/C on or off
  • Odors coming from the vents when the A/C is on

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If you are tired of sweating each time you drive your Mercedes, we think it’s time you get a professional to look at the A/C system to get the bottom of your car’s cooling system’s performance. We proudly service the following communities:

We look forward to meeting you and getting your Mercedes’ air conditioning working again!

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