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A suspension problem can rob you of the otherwise smooth, satisfying ride of a Mercedes Benz. Along with a less comfortable ride, suspension problems can make your vehicle difficult to control, so addressing the issue is key to keeping you and your passengers safe. Whether you drive a standard Mercedes vehicle or depend on the performance and reliability of a Mercedes Sprinter van, maintaining your suspension is a key part of maintenance. 

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Common Suspension Require Trouble Symptoms

Fortunately, there are several signs of suspension problems that can be easily identified and fixed to get your Mercedes back to its high performing status. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, you may have a suspension problem.

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  1. Bottoming out on bumpy roads or backing out of driveways. This can be a sign of a damaged suspension spring and can cause cosmetic damage, like scratches, to your Benz.
  2. Feeling every bump in the road. One of the main functions of your Benz’s suspension system is to absorb those bumps and make your ride smooth, so if you notice every bump, that system may have been compromised.
  3. A part of your car sits low. A damaged suspension system can cause areas of your car to lay noticeably lower than the rest of the car. This can range from an individual corner of the car or the nose or back of the car.
Mercedes Suspension Service

Use common sense and don’t procrastinate on vehicle maintenance, because it could be costly and dangerous.

What Causes Suspension Damage?

A suspension system can be weakened from coming in contact with salt, either from a drive along the seaside with salty air or, more commonly, from road salt. To prolong the life of your suspension system, schedule preventative maintenance at The Benz Shop so we can check your tire air, align your wheels, and have your power steering mechanisms and shocks examined. These measures are particularly crucial after any accident.

Trust The Benz Shop With Your Mercedes Suspension

Upon noticing one of more of these signs, it is important to bring your Mercedes into The Benz Shop where highly qualified technicians will examine, identify, and fix the problem. The Benz Shop has notable suspension system services and is dedicated to keeping your Benz in tip-top shape.
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