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The engine of your Mercedes utilizes oil to lubricate moving components and to help keep the engine at optimum temperature. This oil circulates throughout the engine’s many parts and rests in the oil pan. There is a seal, or gasket, that prevents the oil from spilling out once it leaves the engine block and returns to the oil pan. If this gasket wears out, your Mercedes can experience engine problems and overheating as the oil level drops. At the Benz Shop in Glendale, our certified mechanics provide complete oil services including oil pan gasket inspections, services, & replacements as needed.

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Signs That Your Oil Pan Gasket is Leaking

This problem has some visible signs as well as the smell of burning oil to indicate a problem. If you suspect an issue, check out this list see if your Mercedes is exhibiting any of these signs of an issue with your Benz’s oil pan gasket:

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  • Oil dripping onto the pavement where you parked
  • Engine is overheating due to lack of lubrication
  • Smoke from the engine bay where oil drips onto hot components
  • Low-level oil indicator on your dashboard
  • Engine warning light illuminates

While some Mercedes owners choose to drive with an oil leak, it can be dangerous if the oil is ignited. It can also cause major damage to your engine if the leak is bad and your engine tries to run without enough lubrication. It is best to bring your Mercedes to us for a quick inspection and repair, if necessary.

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