Noisy struts in your Mercedes Benz can be a nuisance problem that leaves you frustrated with your vehicle. Leaving this unfixed isn’t likely to be too detrimental to your vehicle, but this noisy and annoying problem can still lead to the development of additional issues. Because of this, noisy struts are enough of an issue to warrant the attention of a professional as soon as they appear.

The Function of Struts in your Mercedes

Few people are actually aware of what struts do in automobiles. These components are a part of the suspension system, which is responsible for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for any passengers in your Mercedes. Without a suspension system, you would feel every bump in the road. The constant jostling would also lead to some issues with other parts of your vehicle, as they get bounced around constantly.

Struts are part of the backbone that makes up the suspension system. They connect to the chassis of your Mercedes from the top and come down the entire suspension system. They are used to mount coil springs that can help maintain a comfortable height for the vehicle.

If your struts are removed, the height of your car may not be able to be adjusted, which could be a problem if you need to get through a rather bumpy road.

Additionally, fixing struts should never be done by someone who is not a professional. The coil spring that is attached to the struts is put under a large amount of tension, and if not removed properly when replacing the struts, they could pop outward with enough force to cause serious bodily injury and damage to your vehicle. Always rely on a professional to replace your vehicle’s parts.

On that note, your struts typically become noisy when it is time for them to be replaced. There are a variety of factors that can cause this need for replacing, as covered below, but replacing them should be done as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable ride and to ensure the safety of the other parts under the hood.

Signs and Causes of Noisy Struts

There are a number of reasons your struts may start making a large amount of noise. This will signal that it is time for them to be replaced by a trusted Mercedes Benz expert. Below are a few common signs that it is time to change your struts:

Vehicle Tipping to One Side on Turns

If the struts on your vehicle need to be replaced and are being noisy, you may notice your car seems to tilt slightly in one direction and dip when you make a turn. This is directly due to the fact that bad struts cannot maintain the stability of your vehicle as designed.

Bouncing Tires

As mentioned, one of the key purposes of tires and wheels on your vehicle is to maintain stability and a comfortable ride. Should your struts become faulty and your vehicle height cannot be stabilized, your tires may seem to bounce as your drive. This should be a major indicator that it is time to take your car into the shop for inspection and repairs.

Front-End Vehicle Diving

Struts that are in need of replacing cannot maintain the height of your vehicle as designed by Mercedes engineers. If you notice that your car is dipping downwards from the front as you brake, and there is a noise coming from the engine area, it is more than likely your struts are struggling to maintain the suspension system.

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