There are a number of parts under the hood of your Mercedes that go into making it the powerful vehicle that you know and love. Any of these parts having problems can result in more detrimental problems to arise. To this end, any problems you notice under the hood should be dealt with right away and as quickly as possible.

Specifically, corroded battery terminals are a problem that can emerge on your Mercedes which have the potential to become more problematic. Never try to fix problems like these by yourself. When dealing with a car battery, there is the potential of electric charges being discharged into you, which can be extremely dangerous. Always trust a professional to handle repairs at an accredited repair shop.

How does the battery work?

The battery on your Mercedes is a crucial component to the overall functionality of your vehicle. Without the battery, your car would not run. In order to understand how the terminals can become corroded, however, we need to look at how the battery actually works. From there, we can begin to look at the common signs of a corroded battery terminal.

Off the bat, it’s important to get one thing out of the way. Your battery actually does very little once your vehicle is on. The alternator takes over the key functions of powering the electrics. Despite this, the battery does send the initial jolt of electricity that is required to get the car going before going docile and being charged by the alternator.

When it is time for the vehicle to be turned on, plates within the battery are submerged in an acid that generates a reaction between the plates. This reaction leads to electricity being produced via electrons that flow out of the battery and start your energy. The reason you can jumpstart your battery is because the process is reversible as well.

However, if you have corroded battery terminals, the electrons may not be able to flow out of those terminals and you may not be able to start your car. It’s important that you keep the battery in your car healthy and not old. Never rely on a battery that needs to be jump started every time you hop in the vehicle.

Causes of Corroded Battery Terminals

There are a number of signs you can watch out for that may indicate when you have a corroded battery terminal. The biggest sign of all, however, is to look under the hood and inspect for visual corrosion. As for what causes your battery terminals to corrode, there is one big culprit.

Hydrogen gas gets released from the sulfuric acid that is inside the battery. This is the same substance that the plates of your battery get dipped into when attempting to start your car. However, if this gas is released and reacts to the atmosphere, it will produce a corrosive environment that will accumulate.

Where the corrosion is can tell you a lot about how it happened. For example, corrosion being on the positive end of the battery means that you likely overcharged your battery. However, if the corrosion occurs on the negative end of the battery, it’s possible that it was undercharged. Regardless of the exact cause, it should be easy to notice that the vehicle is not turning on or that there is an issue, given that you may even see smoke.

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