Mercedes may develop issues with the secondary air injection pump used to control emissions. It is also known as a smog pump. This is an important component of your vehicle as it helps to keep the engine running smoothly and harmful emissions within limits. Below we will talk about common symptoms and what you should do if you find yourself with a failed emissions air injection pump.

What is an emissions air injection pump?

The air injection pump, also known as a smog pump or secondary air injection pump, was first introduced in 1966. It is designed to inject fresh air into the exhaust stream, just before the catalytic converter, in order to promote fuller secondary combustion of exhaust gases. The emissions air injector pump is typically located within the engine bay or attached directly to the engine itself.

Mercedes, just like all other vehicles with an internal combustion engine, release emissions into the environment as you drive. When too much of these emissions are released it impacts not only the environment but your vehicle as well.

Symptoms of a Failing Emissions Air Injection Pump

All automotive manufacturers are required to meet specific emissions requirements, sometimes having to add components to your vehicle to keep up with regulations. The emission system within your vehicle is extremely important. Listed below are three common symptoms to look out for alerting you to a problem with this important pump:

  • Engine running rough: When the air injection pump fails, the air-to-fuel ratio is negatively affected, causing a decrease in engine performance. You may begin to notice your Mercedes is experiencing a reduction in speed or even a stalled-out engine. The engine’s performance is based on the air/fuel ratio, so when the sensor isn’t able to provide a proper reading, you get poor engine performance.
  • Illuminated check engine light: The engine control module is an electronic system within your Mercedes that displays a code when your vehicle is not functioning properly. When the computer detects a completely failed emissions air injection pump, the check engine light will become illuminated.
  • Reduced horsepower: A failing air injection pump may cause a reduced output of power from the engine of your Mercedes. You may feel your vehicle hesitates upon acceleration or even causes an overall reduction in power.

Failed Emissions Test

An emissions test is designed to check the amount of hazardous waste being expelled from the engine of vehicles with an internal combustion engine. With the emissions system in your Mercedes, the more fresh air that your catalytic converter receives the better it works. The catalytic converter is a part of the emission system in a diesel engine that helps to reduce the amount of hazardous exhaust being expelled.

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