Air suspension is a unique system not found in most vehicles. In fact, the Mercedes S Class is the only model to include its signature AIRMatic air suspension as a standard component, though it is an optional addition in other models.

Air suspension is usually compared against coilover suspension, a popular type of suspension system that can be found in most vehicles. Air suspension is known to produce a smoother ride than coilover, but it is more expensive, and its parts are more susceptible to damage from wear and tear.

With that being said, each Mercedes S Class driver should be equipped with a knowledge of their suspension system and should be able to identify signs of failure in their vehicle’s air suspension.

Bumpy Ride

If you notice that your Mercedes’ ride is bumpier than expected, there is a chance that the air suspension is starting to develop some problems. However, a bumpy ride is typically due to a problem with the tires, so it’s recommended that you start your inspection there. Check for low air pressure or poor alignment first, then move down the checklist.

Car Sags One Way

The air in the AIRmatic keeps your S Class elevated and can even be altered manually. But if you notice that one side of your car is sitting lower than the other, it’s time to get your suspension inspected by a professional. A trusted mechanic will be able to identify the problem with your air suspension and repair it.

Sitting Lower than Normal

The compressor is the part of the air suspension that inflates the air bags on which your vehicle rests. If the compressor stops working or the air bags do not properly retain air, you may notice that your vehicle is riding a little bit lower than normal. This may be one of the first things that you notice about your Mercedes’ failing AIRMatic.

Common Dashboard Warning Messages

Keep an eye on your car’s dashboard, and never ignore any sort of warning message that may appear, as these are designed to keep you from damaging your vehicle. Here are two of the messages that may appear:

AIRMatic Visit Workshop

This message should appear on your dash when the computer in your Mercedes first notices that there is an issue with the AIRMatic system. This is typically triggered by an electrical fault. If you have access to a diagnostic scanner, you can run the codes to learn more about the issue that has triggered the alert. At this point, you can still drive your vehicle, but you need to get it to a mechanic in the next few days.

AIRMatic Stop, Car Too Low

This is the second message that you may receive from the car’s computer system. This message is much more critical than the first. If this alert comes up on your dash, you need to stop driving your vehicle as soon as you can and get it towed to a shop where it can be inspected and serviced by an expert technician. We know this can be scary, but do your best not to panic.

You may also receive a general check engine light on your dashboard.

The Benz Shop Can Fix Your Mercedes S Class Air Suspension Issues

Seeing your car sagging or receiving a message telling you to immediately stop your car can be a bit nerve-wracking, and we understand that. That’s why those Mercedes S Class Air Suspension Issue Fix of us at The Benz Shop want your car in the best possible hands so that you can get behind the wheel completely free of worry of a faulty AIRMatic system.

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