Statistics from the manufacturer show that about 65% of today’s Mercedes models are purchased with automatic transmissions, which make driving easier and more relaxing. Through the use of meticulous automation, the car should shift gears smoothly without the driver performing a manual clutch maneuver and choosing the gear.

Automatic transmissions were created and patented in the early 1920s and have grown in popularity for its convenience for the driver. With this convenience also come mechanical components that can wear out due to use or become damaged for many reasons. This will cause erratic behavior in your transmission, which makes shifting gears uncomfortable and worrisome.

Noticing Erratic Shifting in your Mercedes

The automatic transmission system is composed of multiple components in your Mercedes. Below are the most obvious signs that the transmission is the root cause of what you are hearing or feeling from altered performance of your car:

Odd Noises During Shifting

You know your Mercedes better than anyone. You intrinsically know what it is supposed to feel and sound like as it runs. So if you notice any abnormal sounds during automatic shifting, this should trigger warning bells in your head. You may hear grinding or clunking noises when you accelerate or ask your engine for more power. These noises can be accompanied by a physical lurching of your car as it hesitates between gears.

Sudden Shifting, Slipping Gears, or Hesitation

A main indicator of automatic transmission problems is the sudden shifting from one gear into another. With a Mercedes, the shifting should be a smooth operation, barely noticeable by the driver and passengers. If you can feel hesitation during acceleration and then lurching suddenly as it finds its gear, this is a problem that needs to be inspected as soon as you can make it to your trusted repair shop.

Erratic gear issues can be dangerous when you are in need of power, such as merging into traffic or passing another vehicle. If your Mercedes isn’t performing as designed, it can miss a gear and leave you scrambling for engine power when you need it most.

A Hot or Burning Smell

Your transmission runs on fluids that are designed to keep it lubricated, cooled, and pressurized. The automatic transmission is in use every time the wheels are in motion, so it is prone to natural wear and tear. It needs routine maintenance to keep it functioning as Mercedes designed. When this fluid runs low, parts will grind against each other, causing extreme heat from friction. This will be a major problem when you are expecting to change gears flawlessly.

The Most Common Causes of Erratic Shifting in your Automatic Transmission

Mercedes Benz designed your automatic transmission to work smoothly with transmission fluid. This lubricant has multiple functions, including ensuring parts work smoothly, and it also serves as hydraulic pressure. The pressurized hydraulic system in your transmission enables it to shift easily. So if there is a leak in the transmission fluid levels, your automatic system can have a rough time performing each shift required to increase your speed.

You can understand the importance of ensuring that your transmission fluid is topped up to its indicated line and is clear of debris, which can gum up the system. This specific fluid is important to the overall function of your Mercedes. Keep on top of routine maintenance and your factory-guided service to keep your transmission running at its best.

Expert Care from The Benz Shop

At The Benz Shop, we only work on Mercedes models. This allows us to focus solely on your brand and so we can be masters at our craft. If your automatic transmission Mercedes Automatic Transmission Fluid Drain is worn out or in need of inspection and service, bring it to us. We will look for natural wear and tear, which can happen as your car ages gracefully. The components of an automatic transmission can become worn and lose their ability to run properly. With our expert eyes and state-of-the art diagnostic tools, we will inspect, diagnose, and repair your Mercedes so you can drive it again with confidence.

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