Although we do not think about it much, switching gears is one of the most crucial tasks performed while driving your vehicle. Owners of Mercedes-Benz expect a flawless experience in their luxury car. Unfortunately, this can not happen when you are having issues with your internal drive gear.

If you are having difficulty with your drive gear, the problem is coming from your transmission. We’ve listed three possible causes of your drive gear failing.

Wear and Tear of Your Transmission

When people think of their transmission, they usually think of it as one unit. However, the transmission is made up of many smaller parts. Sometimes the problem is due to wear and tear of the smaller parts such as linkages, cables, bands, and gears. If wear and tear is the problem here, you could avoid this issue with frequent inspections, tune-ups, and maintenance checks.

Failing Valve Body

Another essential part of the transmission system is the valve body. The valve body is responsible for keeping the hydraulic fluid flowing through the transmission so that the driver can properly shift gears. If the hydraulic fluid does not flow correctly, the gear shifting mechanism will not work as expected. If this is the issue with your drive gear, you will need to have your mechanic check your vehicle and diagnose the issue.

Manufacturing Issue

Sometimes the issue originated at the time the car or transmission was manufactured. Although Mercedes is a luxury vehicle, it is essential to remember all brands have manufacturing issues due to an occasional error. A particular part made by a subcontractor could have had an issue in their manufacturing process. If this happens, the problem is already there when you drive your exceptional car off the lot and may not be easily fixed. Lemon Laws were put in place in the United States to protect you from this type of rare manufacturer mistake.

Symptoms of Internal Drive Gear Issue

There are a few different symptoms of a failing gear selector that you might notice before the problem gets too big. Here is a small list:

  • leaking transmission fluid
  • difficulty changing gears
  • mismatched gear selection
  • hearing a clicking noise
  • trouble turning the car off
  • hearing grinding noises when you are changing gears

This was a partial list, but if any of the things on it match what you are experiencing, you may have an issue. You also want to check the levels of your transmission fluids. If it is low, you can try to top it off according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but this may indicate a leak which also needs professional repair. It is best to contact a Mercedes-Benz expert when you are having transmission problems. This will allow you to prevent future damage.

The Importance of a Proper Diagnosis

When you are experiencing transmission problems, you must get your car correctly diagnosed by a professional. Your Mercedes needs to be diagnosed by a trained technician with the proper training and equipment to rule out specific problems and pinpoint the actual issue.

Attempting to identify or repair the transmission and gear drive on your own could result in errors that will actually cost you more money down the road to fix. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed in this article, you should contact your trusted mechanic or vehicle technician today.

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