Mercedes is a luxury automobile known for its excellent workmanship, high-level performance, and long-standing quality. JD Power ranks this brand in the top five luxury automobile makers year after year. Mercedes is the quality and performance that owners have come to expect and always appreciate. However, even the highest-quality cars require regular maintenance and occasional repairs.  Mechanical parts are vulnerable to normal issues of wear and tear over time. One such part is the chassis flex disc. In this article, we will discuss what the chassis flex disc does and look at some ways of fixing it.

What is a chassis flex disc?

A chassis flex disc is a cylindrical coupling device, which is typically punched with six steel-lined holes. The holes make a hexagon shape. The disc is made of dense rubber and is usually black in color. There are two of these devices in your Mercedes. They are used to connect the differential, transmission, and the drive shaft. They, in turn, power your wheels. The chassis flex disc is a critical component to your Mercedes. Without it, your wheels will not move.

What happens if the chassis flex disc fails?

If the chassis flex disc completely fails, you will not be able to move your car because the connection point between the transmission and drive shaft will be broken. This type of failure is relatively rare but can occur if your car is in a car accident or if there is an extreme jolt to a tire, such as hitting a large pot-hole in the road. Typically, before catastrophic failure, you’ll notice some signs that something is wrong. Below is a list of symptoms that may indicate that your chassis flex disc is going bad.

Car Vibrations

Tires take a lot of abuse on the road. In some cars, you can feel every bump you drive over. In a Mercedes, the suspension system is so exceptional that you’ll barely notice the imperfections in the road. So if your Mercedes starts to vibrate, that’s a sign that something is wrong.

The most common issue that will your car to vibrate is if your tires are out of balance. This obviously requires a trip to the Mercedes experts. Getting your tires aligned is relatively inexpensive, but if that does not solve the problem, it could be the chassis flex disc. The Mercedes experts in Phoenix will be able to correctly identify the issue and make the necessary repairs.

Trouble Shifting Gears

If you are having trouble shifting gears, you should have your Mercedes seen by an expert. A differential diagnosis is needed to rule out other mechanical failures, such as transmission failure. Because the chassis flex disc connects the transmission to other components of the vehicles, it is easy for an untrained person to mistakenly diagnose the transmission instead of the chassis flex disc when this problem occurs.

How do you fix a chassis flex disc that has failed?

Once one of the chassis flex discs have failed, you need to have your Mercedes towed to The Benz Shop auto technician experts. This type of repair requires a Mercedes specialist. However, you can often prevent failure of the chassis flex disc (with the exception of your Mercedes experiencing trauma) by following your manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule.

Additionally, as soon as you recognize any of the above signs of trouble, bring your car in to The Benz Shop right away. If your vehicle is vibrating, or if your Mercedes is having trouble shifting, seek attention from a certified mechanic so you don’t run the risk of the chassis flex disc failing while you are driving.

The Benz Shop’s Expert Service Technicians Will Fix Your Mercedes

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* Mercedes-Benz Car image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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