Your Mercedes is a powerful vehicle made best in class for performance and engineering. It operates thanks to intricate systems and components that work together to make sure your Mercedes gives you the optimal performance every time you drive it.

One of the main systems of the vehicle that ensures performance and drivability is the transmission. The transmission transfers energy from the vehicle’s engine to the vehicle’s wheels so when you shift gears, the wheels can spin accordingly.

Since this part is so central to your Mercedes, it experiences more wear and tear during its lifetime than any other part on your Mercedes. However, even though they experience the most wear, transmissions are often the most underappreciated, misunderstood, and neglected parts on your vehicle and signs of failure often go unnoticed or ignored.

Ignoring your failing transmission can severely shorten the life of your transmission and also cost you more money. To help you recognize the signs of transmission failure, here are a few of the most common ones.

Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid

It’s never a good sign if you see fluid leaking from your vehicle, but it is a useful way to figure out if something is going on with your Mercedes. Sometimes your vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid (ATF) will leak. This is an issue because ATF acts as a lubricant for the components in your transmission to decrease friction and stop overheating as well as a hydraulic fluid that allows gear shifting.

Your transmission can still operate with low ATF levels, but it allows overheating to take place. You can tell if your vehicle’s ATF is leaking if there is a puddle of bright red fluid underneath your Mercedes. If you notice that the fluid is dark brown or black and gives off a burned smell, the fluid may be burned and you need to take your Mercedes into the shop immediately as you may have major maintenance needed.

Strange Sounds Emitting From Your Vehicle

Odd noises coming for your vehicle is another common sign of transmission failure. It can come in a variety of ways including a humming, buzzing, whining, or clunking. Since there are hundreds of parts that make up a transmission so it could be a noise caused by something little like a worn or loose bearing, but if not looked at by a professional, it could lead to more serious issues down the road.

No matter what, if your Mercedes is giving off strange noises like clunking or whining, you should bring it in to the mechanic to be looked at because a diagnosis to address the problem is extremely important.

Lack of Gear Response

When you shift your car into a gear, you expect an immediate response. If your transmission is failing, this may not happen. If you go to shift gears and your vehicle hesitates or refuses to shift, it is likely that your vehicle is experiencing issues with its transmission.

Depending on your car type, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission, this might come across in different ways. Sometimes the delay shows when you shift from drive to park before the gear engages and other times it shows a discrepency between the engine’s RPMs and the actual vehicle speed which makes it seem like acceleration of the vehicle is slower than the sound coming from the engine.

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