Mercedes vehicles are well-known for being reliable and comfortable to drive, but one of the more common problems that Mercedes owners may find themselves facing is the malfunction or failure of the air suspension system in their car. Let’s discuss what you can expect when the suspension in your Mercedes fails and ways that you can deal with the problem head-on.

Function of the Suspension in a Mercedes

The suspension system in your Mercedes is why you typically expect a smooth and safe ride wherever you go. It distributes the weight of the car evenly and absorbs most of the impact of rough terrain. The suspension system also keeps your wheels firmly on the ground, giving you better control when you steer. As you can imagine, you will notice some changes in your driving experience when your suspension malfunctions or fails.

Warning Signs of Suspension Issues in Your Mercedes

When the suspension in your Mercedes begins to fail, you will immediately notice some jarring differences while you drive. One obvious sign that your suspension is failing is that you will feel the impact of any potholes, bumps, or otherwise rough terrain more strongly. What was just a small jolt before might rattle you in your seat. This is because there is nothing absorbing the shock of each bump along the way.

Suspension failure also often means that you will have less control over the back wheels of your Mercedes while you drive. Less evenly-distributed weight makes the back of the car lighter than the front in most cases. When you turn sharply, you may feel the back of the car wobbling. In extreme cases, this can be dangerous as you may be unable to keep control of your vehicle.

One thing you may notice even before getting behind the wheel is that your Mercedes sits lower to the ground than it typically would. The suspension keeps the cabin of your car well away from the surface of the ground, preventing it from scraping and damaging parts of your car while you drive. When it fails, your vehicle will sit lower at rest and while driving.

Reasons Behind Suspension Issues in Mercedes

There are a couple of reasons why the suspension system in your Mercedes may be experiencing issues or failure. Knowing why this could happen may help you get to the root of the problem and will help your mechanic when diagnosing and repairing suspension failure.

Leaking air struts are a common culprit behind suspension failure. Your air suspension system requires a tight seal on all parts to function properly. When the air struts are leaking, your suspension can’t do its job. If this is the reason your Mercedes is facing trouble, listen for any soft hissing sounds of air escaping or a lowered vehicle on one particular side, as it isn’t common for both sides to experience the issue at the same time.

A failing air compressor is also a common factor in Mercedes suspension malfunction. The entire suspension system relies on the air compressor to fill the suspension bags with air. When its motor is broken, then the air will not blow even when the compressor seems as if it’s working.

A blown fuse or relay will cause the suspension in a Mercedes to fail as well. When these parts have sustained damage, they can’t send a message to the air compressor to inflate the suspension bags with the correct level of air. This can also happen when the level sensor in the suspension system is faulty. This can cause both underinflation and overinflation, both of which are undesirable.

Ways to Deal With Suspension Issues

When the suspension in your Mercedes is Mercedes Suspension Inspection failing, don’t rely on DIY solutions to provide a long term fix. Anything you may have seen (i.e., sealing the struts with epoxy) is a temporary fix at best and can cause further damage in many cases.

Instead, you should have the problem diagnosed and repaired with a qualified team of automotive specialists. The certified professionals at The Benz Shop are highly trained and experienced, attending training sessions every year to stay up-to-date on vehicle maintenance and repair as cars become more technologically advanced.

When you need your Mercedes repaired quickly and expertly, you can trust the specialists at The Benz Shop to get the job done right the first time.

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