The shaking of the steering wheel in a Mercedes is uncomfortable but not an uncommon situation. However, it deprives the driver of the sense of being in absolute control, and it’s unnatural for your Mercedes to shake as such. Most of the time, a shaking steering wheel in a Mercedes is a pointer to a problem with the wheel alignment, transmission, and more.

Reasons for a Shaking Wheel in a Mercedes-Benz

Several reasons can be responsible for the shaking of the steering wheel in a Mercedes. Below are some of them:

  • Misaligned wheels: This refers to the suspension and can be caused by heavy impact, which is when the car hits or gets hit by weighty objects. Misaligned wheels are also caused by worn-out parts as a result of wear and tear. Some signs that your wheels may be misaligned are your car drifting to one side while driving, noise from the tires, and difficulty returning the steering wheel after a turn.
  • Unbalanced tires: If your tires are not sitting firmly, then the steering wheel will shake. This is especially common when the front tires are unbalanced. It is important that the car tires are balanced. As seemingly small as an unbalanced car tire may sound, it can lead to many problems that can be expensive to resolve.
  • Bearings: If the bearings of the car are bad due to damage or lack of lubricant, friction will occur. This friction will in turn cause the steering wheel to shake during turns. The good news, however, if the fault is traced back to the bearings, is that it can be resolved with as little as maintenance.
  • Suspension issue: Using a car for a long period of time will undoubtedly result in the wear and tear of some car parts, invariably resulting in the shaking of the steering wheel.
  • Faulty brakes: If you notice that the steering wheel shakes when slowing down, then it most likely has to do with a faulty brake. Faulty brakes aren’t something that should be ignored. It is highly unsafe to drive a car with nonfunctioning brakes. Things that are likely to cause faulty brakes are a worn-out brake pad and a bad brake disc. The earlier a brake problem is discovered, the safer it is.
  • Tire wear: After accumulating some miles, your tires wear out, which causes them to get lost. And a lost tire can lead to the steering wheel shaking.
  • Weather: As shocking as it may sound, weather can contribute to the shaking of the steering wheel. This is not true for all weather, but it is true for cold weather. Tires made out of rubber can develop flat spots by being packed overnight in cold weather. This will cause the steering wheel to shake when in motion until it warms up.

Fixes for a Shaking Steering Wheel

The solution to a shaking steering wheel varies so it is highly recommended that you contact a professional Mercedes specialist immediately and allow professionals to handle the issue. However, there are some actions that can keep you in the clear. Some of these are driving carefully to avoid bumps and potholes, checking the condition of your car before driving, and carrying out regular maintenance or scheduled visits to the mechanic when a fault is noticed.

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