When your vehicle has low brake pressure, it means that you are low on brake fluid. This will lead to a lack of pedal tension when you step on the brake pedal. This means your vehicle will not stop as quickly as expected.

Being able to stop your Mercedes in a timely manner is extremely important when driving, as even a slightly reduced reaction time could lead to an accident. When roads are wet or icy, these symptoms only become compounded.

Signs of Low Brake Pressure

The main sign that your Mercedes has low brake pressure is that the brake pedal will feel soft and mushy when you step on it. There will also be a lack of resistance to the force applied by your foot.

  • Your dashboard will illuminate a brake light when there’s a problem with the system.
  • You may hear squealing noises from the brakes or a grinding sound when applying pressure to the pedal.
  • Sometimes, you can see brake fluid on the ground if the tubing is damaged, rusted out, or the line has been severed. Do not drive your Mercedes; have it towed for your safety.
  • If you step on the brake pedal and you notice your car pulling to one side, you may have a leak causing one side to respond differently than the other.
  • A burning smell is often a symptom of low brake pressure.
  • Another symptom of low brake pressure is if you step on the brake and your Mercedes dips and bounces as it come to a stop.

If you notice these signs or suspect your brakes are in trouble, do not hesitate to bring it into our shop for a quick inspection and diagnostic test.

Reasons for Low Brake Pressure

If there is air in your brake system, causing low pressure, you can step on the brake pedal but receive no response as there is air in the system instead of pressurized fluid. This can easily lead to an accident (or a spike in your blood pressure) when you step on the brake and do not get an instant response. The pressure may correct itself, but there is clearly an issue that needs a diagnosis and repair.

The good thing about low brake pressure is that it usually happens gradually, which gives you time to fix the problem. Your brake pressure drops over time. Only when your brake line is wholly severed or there is absolutely no fluid left in the system will your car not stop at all.

This is all the more reason to get low brake pressure fixed as soon as the problem starts to show. Listen to what your vehicle is telling you and get problems like these fixed before a real issue occurs.

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