Since Mercedes introduced the Sprinter, it has been a popular choice for camping and moving cargo. The van has become an essential vehicle for dozens of industries as many drivers and businesses depend on it. The Sprinter is well-known for its performance on the road. The van has an elegant look to compliment its reliability.

It can get frustrating when parts get old and frail due to wear and tear. Mechanical and electrical components are prone to various faults. Some Sprinter owners have complained of having issues with the torque converter.

The torque converter performs the same function for automatic transmission as the clutch does for manual transmission. Vehicles that use manual transmission utilize the wheels and clutch to transfer energy from the transmission coming from the engine. Simply put, the torque converter creates a bridge between the engine and the transmission system by converting the energy generated by the engine at the wheels and transferring it to the transmission for use.

If the torque converter in your Sprinter develops any fault, the transmission system and engine will fail, thereby affecting your vehicle’s functionality.

Causes of a Faulty Torque Converter

A lot of factors are responsible for the damage of the torque converter in your Sprinter. Some of these factors are:

  • Contaminated or Low Transmission Fluid: The transmission fluid is like the blood of the transmission system. If the transmission fluid level is low or the fluid is contaminated with sludge and dirt, the transmission system will overheat. When the transmission system overheats, it will hinder the proper functioning of the torque converter. Hence, always check your transmission fluid to see the level and know if it needs refilling or complete change.
  • Faulty Clutches: The clutch is responsible for connecting the transmission to the engine. When the clutch wears out, or it fails, the torque converter will exhibit signs of failure.
  • Bad Seals: The torque converter is filled with fluid which is held in place by a seal. If the seal breaks, the fluid will spill out, impairing the effective functioning of the torque converter. When the seal breaks, you will notice a pool of fluid underneath your car after you park.
  • Worn Out Torque Converter Bolts: The torque converter bolts join the torque converter and the transmission together. When the bolts become loosened, it might affect the proper functioning of the torque converter.

Symptoms of a Faulty Torque Converter

When the torque converter becomes faulty, you may notice the following:

  • Usually, the torque converter has a stall speed that the engine utilizes for spinning before the torque converter engages the transmission. The acceleration response time will change when the torque converter becomes faulty.
  • When the torque converter becomes damaged, it becomes unable to transfer power to the wheels of your Sprinter. If you are observant, you will notice that the engine revs, but there is little or no acceleration because the power produced by the engine does not get to the wheels. Your fuel efficiency will plummet, and you will need to refuel more often than usual.
  • The torque converter uses a lockup clutch to create a perfect connection between the engine and the wheels. The torque converter usually unlocks at a low speed, but when it becomes faulty, it does not. When it refuses to unlock, it shudders, and the shudder is felt all through your Sprinter.
  • Faulty torque converters make whirring or clunking sounds, and you will hear it as you start your car.

The Benz Shop will Fix the Torque Converter Issues in Your Sprinter

Finding a quality mechanic you can depend on to deliver quality repairs and services on your Mercedes Sprinter is crucial to its overall performance Sprinter Tranmission Fluid Flush and reliability. At The Benz Shop, we make it easier for sprinter drivers throughout Phoenix, AZ to take better care of their Sprinter vans.

No matter what your Sprinter needs, our ASE-certified mechanics bring the same high level of quality as we do to all other Mercedes models we service. We will always work with you to make sure that you know what your Sprinter needs, and we tailor the specific service to your van.

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