Mercedes is the go-to brand if you want a car that embodies class, reliability, quality and performance. Mercedes is unique in its entirety, but that doesn’t protect it from natural wear and tear or faulty parts. Over time, Mercedes owners of automatic models have complained about having gear selector issues. (In a manual transmission, this is called the gear shifter.)

The gear selector is an essential part of your Mercedes automatic transmission system. It is found between the two front seats of your Mercedes. The various gears will be labeled as P for park, N for neutral, D for Drive, and R for reverse.

The function of the gear selector is to give you control to select and change to whatever gear you want to use. Simply put, the gear controls the entire movement of your car. With the gear selector in the proper condition, your Mercedes is sure to give you comfortable and smooth rides. When it becomes faulty over time, the smooth transition reduces drastically, making it difficult to drive your vehicle if it won’t shift from park to drive, etc.

Causes of Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes

The gear selector of your Mercedes develops a fault due to several reasons. Some of those reasons are listed below:

  • Faulty Valve Body: The valve body of your Mercedes is another integral part of the transmission system. The function of the valve body is to ensure that the transmission fluid circulates at the correct pressure. It is the maintained pressure that allows you to change gear easily with the gear selector. When the valve body gets faulty and the optimal pressure is reduced or increased, this impacts your gear selector.
  • Wear and Tear of Different Components of the Transmission System: The transmission system of your Mercedes consists of several parts. If one part becomes faulty due to wear and tear and the defect is not repaired immediately, other components will follow suit. Also, the transmission system has cables and wire linkages that help in transmission. If the wires and cables become worn out, the gear selector will lose connection with other parts of your Mercedes.

Symptoms of Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes

The gear selector of your car is always in use, hence, it is prone to having issues now and then. When the damage happens, your Mercedes will give you several signs to indicate something has gone wrong. These signs can hardly go unnoticed, and they include:

  • Slipping Gears: When your Mercedes starts slipping gears, you will notice it switched to a lower gear without your input. Immediately you see the switch of gears, ensure you call the attention of a Mercedes specialist to have it checked out.
  • Rough or Unresponsive Gear: Changing gears should be seamless. When the gear selector starts experiencing faults, changing between gears can become rough. Also, the gears will become unresponsive to your command, making it risky to drive in your Mercedes.
  • Unusual Sounds: You will hear clicking and clunking sounds when you try to change gears. The sounds are usually the most obvious signs of repairs. When you start hearing any odd sound from the gear selector, report it to our Mercedes specialists immediately.

The Benz Shop Will Fix All Your Mercedes Issues

Routine maintenance is vital to prevent accelerated wear and tear of your Mercedes. When you ignore routine maintenance, the longevity and performance Mercedes Transmission System Repair of your vehicle will be negatively impacted. However, entrusting your vehicle to inexperienced mechanics can leave your car worse than when you dropped it off. Hence, you need a trustworthy and reliable auto repair shop to carry out the repairs and maintenance of your Mercedes.

At The Benz Shop, our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your car receives the specialized care it needs. Our experts graduated from the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and have extensive Mercedes factory training and luxury motor vehicle (LMV) training. By focusing solely on Mercedes, we are always updated on new repair technologies for the brand.

We are located in Phoenix, AZ and also service the residents of Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, and Paradise Valley. Our services are affordable, and that has helped us maintain a great clientele. Please call or visit our shop today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment!

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